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9.2.4 Sight Registration


This chapter was added to the manual in April 2015.


Benefits, Concessions and Registration (Word, 116 KB)
Benefits, Concessions and Registration (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Local Authorities have a duty to keep a register of people in their area who are severely sight impaired and sight impaired. Inclusion on the register is voluntary and not being on the register will not stop you receiving a service from your council. The register is confidential, so your details won’t be shared.

To be registered, your Health Authority ophthalmologist needs to certify your sight loss. If you are having problems with your sight please go to an optician (optometrist) or your GP for an initial check-up. If necessary, they will then refer you to an eye clinic for an appointment.

At your appointment at the eye clinic an ophthalmologist will examine the health of your eyes and your eyesight. If you are eligible to be certified, they should complete an official certificate with the results of your eye examination and indicate whether you qualify as severely sight impaired or sight impaired. This certificate is called the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI).

The eye specialist sends copies of the certificate to you, your GP and your local authority.

After receiving a copy of your certificate, you will be asked if you would like to be included on the register of blind and partially sighted people. If you say “yes” then you will be registered by the local authority.

Registration enables you to claim a wide range of concessions and benefits.