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2.3 Reviewing Team

This chapter was updated in June 2014 to make reference to the revised test for deprivation of liberty as set out by the Supreme Court in March 2014 in the cases of P v Cheshire West and Chester Council and another, and P and Q v Surrey County Council. It has been amended to reference the review of people in relation to DoLS who lack Capacity and are placed in care homes / hospitals and community settings. See also Department of Health Advice Note (28 March 2014).

Our reviewing team is made up of care managers who offer an annual review to people who receive services from us or who are in residential care.

The Reviewing Team's role is to review existing care and support packages with the service user to ensure they are up to date and accurate and to adjust as necessary.

The review offers the opportunity for people in the community to let us know if they are pleased with the way they have been supported and also an opportunity to discuss other ways which can keep them in control of their lives and promote independence.

Reviews will include:

  • Assessment;
  • Refer people into Re-ablement;
  • Support Brokerage to develop a support plan from existing care plans and be provided with alternative plans if they want this;
  • Self Directed support;
  • Support Planning;
  • Safeguarding - risk assessment and risk management being done by the Support and Intervention Team.

When reviewing people who lack Capacity who are placed in nursing, residential or supported living placements the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards must be applied (see Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards).