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8.2.1 Data Quality Policy


  1. Purpose of Policy
  2. Introduction
  3. Duties and Accountability
  4. Training and Support
  5. Audit

    Diagram A: Data Quality Responsibilities in Adult Social Care and Health

    Diagram B: Governance Framework in place to Support Data Quality in Adult Social Care and Health

1. Purpose of Policy

This policy is a subsidiary policy which is built upon the Brighton & Hove City Council ‘Data Quality Strategy’.

The purpose of this policy is to set out Adult Social Care’s approach to ensuring that the requirements of this Strategy are delivered within Adult Social Care. Through implementation of this policy we will support staff to be more aware of their role and responsibility for improving the quality of data we handle, to make better decisions that affect the outcomes of people in Brighton & Hove. We will provide effective training and ensure that our systems support and reflect activity. To support the delivery of this policy an action plan is appended to the document.

2. Introduction

The Corporate Strategy makes clear the reasons why high quality data is required and defines the key elements of data quality as follows:

Good quality data should be:

  • Accurate;
  • Valid;
  • Reliable;
  • Timely;
  • Relevant;
  • Complete.

Adult Social Care (ASC) services are responsible for a range of data and much of this data is highly sensitive as it relates to individuals personal circumstances. The range of data that is handled within ASC includes:

  • Personal data relating to individuals care needs and support plans;
  • Personal data relating to an individuals finances and charging;
  • Contractual data relating to both individuals and services;
  • Performance data provided both nationally and internally.

This data is collected and held both on electronic systems, particularly Carefirst, and paper based systems.

We recognise that high quality data is essential if we are to:

  • Support positive outcomes for our service users and carers;
  • Keep services users safe;
  • Commission the services that will meet the needs and aspirations of our users;
  • Deliver and demonstrate that we ensuring value for money in our services;
  • Ensure that we deliver financial balance each year;
  • Have effective performance management systems in place;
  • Support the development of our workforce.

It is clear from the above that data quality is the responsibility of everyone working in ASC services. Data quality is a key part of any information system that exists within the Adult Social Care and Health Services. All staff members will be in contact at some time with a form of information system, whether paper or electronic. As a result, all staff members are responsible for implementing and maintaining data quality and are obligated to maintain accurate information legally (Data Protection Act), contractually (contract of employment) and ethically (professional codes of practice).

This policy covers:

  • Adult Social Care Provider Delivery Unit;
  • Adult Social Care Assessment Delivery Unit;
  • Staff seconded under section 75;
  • Financial Assessment & Welfare Rights Team;
  • Commissioning Support Unit (Adult Social Care);
  • Commissioners Adult Social Care;
  • Contracts Unit; we expect that the quality of data produced by external third parties will be to an agreed standard. For external contractors this will be specified in the relevant data monitoring schedule for each contract. Individual buyers are to ensure that data they provide meets the standard outlined in the monitoring schedule. Similar arrangements will apply with Partners.

3. Duties and Accountability

To support the delivery of high quality data we have outlined below the key accountabilities and governance arrangements in place. See Diagrams A and B below.

4. Training and Support

If staff are to meet the standards we expect in relation to data quality then it is essential that the training and support required is available. To deliver this we will:

  • Ensure that Job Descriptions cover accountabilities re data quality;
  • Include Data Quality in induction;
  • Review staff performance through supervision, audit, Personal Development Plans and use this information to inform training programmes.

5. Audit

We will support data quality through effective monitoring and audit arrangements:

  • Managers to continue to audit case files;
  • Develop Individual Data Recording Performance reports, so staff can self-audit and data tidy up;
  • Date Quality Officer;
  • Internal Audit.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Adult Social Care & Health to ensure that local procedures are developed in their areas of management and that identified managers or personnel are advised of their responsibility to ensure that, where appropriate, systems are in place to validate the completeness, accuracy, relevance and timeliness of data/information. Also Managers must ensure that all of their staff are fully aware of their obligations in this area.

Diagram A: Data Quality Responsibilities in Adult Social Care and Health

Diagrams A & B set out in more detail responsibilities for Data Quality at each level within Adult Social Care & Health, and the Council as a whole, and the Governance Structure that supports this.

Click here to view diagram a

Diagram B: Governance Framework in place to support Data Quality in Adult Social Care & Health

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